May. 30, 2022


Times have changed so don't get left behind...
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Schedule a quick consult which is intended to help you choose the brand you prefer and to share details, timelines, and investment required.

Join the growing number of people that are adding their profile to the "National Brand Visibility" and growth roster that they may be considered for major media assistance FREE of charge after only two investments with LAURENZIA VON STEINBERG PR & ADS AGENCY.

Why Join Great & Relentless TV Media Membership?

  • If Eligible, you may become a member and invest only a deposit to begin the process of finding your MAJOR BRAND Visibility Placement.

  • Investment plans are available up to 4 months and we still create your temporary profile (until all balances are covered).

  • Annual Membership is Considered Active - provided you invest the annual requirement of $399 (If you qualify for membership of course).

  • We also pitch you to three media entities within your first year of membership FREE of charge if investment is paid in full within your first 90 days.

  • If investing within the first 30 days at least $800, you may receive a $100 credit with us for other services to be used within your first 30 days of membership signup.